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Thanks for stopping by my table. I really loved seeing all of you walking around with my buttons.
Hey all,
Thanks for stopping by my table. Soon I'll be uploading pics of stuff I sold and more art work.
Came back recently from Otakon. Got such great reception at Artist Alley this year that I didn't leave my table that much. I didn't see any guests nor any panels. Though I did go to the Doctor Who and Avatar cosplay meetups. Too much fun.

I'll plan on updating my website on a regular basis in the fall. I'll keep this account updated on that.
Hey All,

If you're wondering why you're getting added all of the sudden, I'm transferring my account. Believe me, I tried to find a easier way of changing my account name.

I'm changing my user name to ametto. I'm doing it for a couple of reasons. First, I find that this new name looks and sounds a lot better than the first. I came up with the first around freshman year of high school... Second, the name change is the mark of a new me. I'm trying out different styles of artwork. I've been going to nude drawing sessions since September of 2007. Some of these works will never see the light of day. Most of them will be posted on my personal site.